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While going through the core of Kevin's illness and enduring some very difficult days, I would often walk up to the park and sit on the rocks overlooking the lake and meditate. During that time the lake had been dredged. It was an unpleasant empty hole of dirt. I was disappointed but chose to look beyond it. Since Kevin's passing I haven't been able to get back to the rocks. Yesterday I found some time and made my way back. The lake was filled and looking more beautiful than I ever remembered. The water gave off a silver blue hue in the bright light of the morning sun peeking its way behind the gracefully shaped clouds. Its soft ripple almost felt hypnotic. I sat on the rocks but instead of meditating I just took in the amazing view. I reflected back to how the empty hole that was in front of me during those tough times was also inside of me. Revisiting the lake and witnessing all its renewed magnificence filled my heart with hope. I felt it signified that after devastation, life can be beautiful again. That the empty hole we feel during various challenges does get refilled with calmness, beauty and peace. #hope❤️

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