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I never thought that I would laugh again...

I never thought that I would laugh again after losing my husband

Hope felt hopeless and so did happiness...

Certainly grief and time played a necessary role and SO did intention.

It's the stories we tell ourselves on autopilot, in the background of our thoughts, that navigate the way we see things and the results we receive.

I hear those stories playing out in conversations about grief.

“The more I suffer, the more I prove my love.”

“I’m a bad person if I move on.”


That’s not how I see it.

I set the intention that the more I live my best life, the more I honor my husband and teach my children that there is life after a death.

Every morning before my meditation I make intention statements and I fill my heart with gratitude and I create my expectations.

“I receive joy, love and inspiration”

“I receive success and abundance”

And then I feeeeel it. My heart feels whole as I know I have created from love and decisiveness, rather than fear and circumstance.

I set the intention to be the energy that I want to create.

Everything is created from intention

Intention is energy.

It’s not going to show up on the outside world until you feel it on the inside.

Choose your intentions consciously. Raise your vibration to match the outcome you desire then focus on inspired actions that align you with that outcome.

If you want different results. Raise your expectations. Change your focus.

Create new patterns. Change the stories. 

If you're ready to create and set new standards in your life, Schedule a Discovery Call with me and let’s do it! I’ve decided to open up another day to clients. This will fill up fast. 3 month, 6 month and now offering a 1 year package🙌🏻

There is peace and joy on the other side. We all deserve to be happy and live a fulfilled life. It’s time to allow yourself that. Contact me now and remind yourself that you too, deserve it all♥️

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