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Say Goodbye to Feeling Stuck, Fearful & Overwhelmed.
Start Living to Your Fullest Potential!

Rise Up is a community of strong women looking for a sense of purpose and accountability with a desire to advance personal boundaries together.

Join the community of empowering and encouraging women who will always have your back!

Let’s face it: Life is not simple… or easy!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by circumstances. Like a cloud of depression is looming over you.


After all, transitioning through life changes is no easy feat.


Whether you are grieving the end of a relationship you thought would stand the tests of time…


Or dealing with an empty nest after your child left for college...


Or lost someone you dearly loved…

It is okay to be fearful of loneliness and not see your purpose in life.

It’s okay not to know what step to take next.

This can be the most challenging period for you emotionally.

Which is why you shouldn’t be going through this alone.


Having a community of strong women can help you journey towards a new life

(which can be really amazing!)


And Rise Up can be your safety net – a place to explore your passions, finding the courage to chase them, and pushing your limits to see where you can go in life rather than settling in your comfort zone.

Being a Rise Up member includes…

Monthly Meetings


Get support and a sense of community via

monthly zoom meetings.

Expert Guest Speakers


Gain access to insightful perspectives, hear real-life stories.

Discounted 1:1 Coaching


Get practical one on one help from Laurice at a highly discounted rate.

Private Facebook Group

Become part of a likeminded community so you

never feel alone.

Optional Book Club


Meet new people, talk about things that

matter to you.



There's nothing better than being surrounded by other women who truly understand.

You never know what the future holds!

Ready to see what’s next?

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