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Change your perspective

when faced with unexpected change

About Laurice

A Mindful Journey offers empowerment coaching to mid-life women ready to dig deep and rise up to their full power. Drawing on a background in psychology, and driven by my own experience of surviving and thriving in the face of adversity, I bring intuition, support and accountability to womens’ journey toward growth and self love. A gifted storyteller and natural leader, I can connect with and engage diverse audiences. In addition to individual and group coaching, I deliver inspirational talks and transformative workshops for groups and organizations. I strive to create a world with more community and compassion. Through the Aligned and Awakened podcast, listeners experience heartfelt, honest and open conversations about overcoming setbacks, releasing fear and learning to live a life aligned with one’s values.


A champion of kindness, I also launched the Kindness Matters Scholarship for highschool students who demonstrate kindness, and created RISE, an active online community that invites women to get out of autopilot and begin consciously creating the life they desire, within a supportive sisterhood of like minded females. No matter where someone is on their journey, I empower them to show up for themselves and let go of what’s not serving them so they can let in what sparks purpose and true happiness.

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