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Breathing Life into Loss

Support that Makes a Difference

Introduce (One session)

This session is 60 minutes.  Beneficial for those interested in taking the next step forward and recognizing that there is life after loss. Schedule a session today.

Initiate (Six weeks)

This package includes one 90-minute session (value assessment optional), two 60-minute sessions and unlimited e-mail access between sessions.


Support that Makes a Difference



Initiate your plan with this 3 month coaching package where I provide a safe, private and confidential pause for you to reflect on what is working in your life, what is not and why. Together, we will uncover old ways of thinking that no longer serve you. We will identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back and sabotaging your success. We will develop strategies and strengths that will clear a new path toward a life filled with power, passion and purpose. I will be your greatest accountability partner, encouraging you along the way, and with every step, I will be rooting for you!


Ignite your life with this 6 month deep dive coaching package where its finally time to choose YOU! I provide a safe, private and confidential, no judgement zone where we will carefully uncover the goals, challenges and the changes needed for you to successfully and confidently tap into your power. We will unmask negative thinking, old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from tapping into your inner wisdom, full awareness and ground you firmly in your truth. Along with my intuitive listening skills, support and encouragement, we will pave the way and consciously create the life that you deserve and desire. I am your accountability partner and your biggest cheerleader. Its time to awaken to your fullest potential.


Invest in YOU with this 1 year transformational coaching package where you are ALL in. Get ready for breakthroughs, “aha” moments, self reflection and a higher state of consciousness. Discover powerful insights and tools to create happiness, strength, as well as peace and flow in your relationships and your life. I will be your accountability partner and in your corner every step of the way. There is some serious growth happening here. 

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