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Support that Makes a Difference


Work with Me!

It is finally time to choose YOU! I’ve made it easier than ever so you can be a Hell Yes!


Here is how it works:


  • Two 1:1 private one hour sessions each month

  • One affordable monthly payment

  • Add on sessions available whenever you need 

  • Absolutely no contract obligation, cancel anytime


What to expect:

I provide a confidential, private and safe space where we will carefully uncover challenges and changes needed for you to successfully and confidently tap into your power. We will unmask negative thinking, old stories and discover powerful insights and tools to create happiness, strength, as well as peace and flow in your relationships and in your life. Along with my intuitive listening skills, support and encouragement, we will pave the way and consciously create the life that you deserve and desire. I am your accountability partner and your biggest cheerleader. It’s time to awaken to your fullest potential. Happiness, peace and ease are waiting.

Get started with a

Passion Workshop

Your passions are the clues that will lead you on an exciting and purposeful path to the ultimate place where everything you ever wanted is waiting for you.


But what if you’re not 100% sure what your passions are?


I can help... I'm both a Life Coach and Facilitator for The Passion Test®, the #1 tool used world-wide to discover one’s passion and priorities; practiced by over 3,000+ certified facilitators in 64+ countries. The Passion Test is a simple, powerful set of tools for discovering your passions and aligning your life with what matters most to you.


As a facilitator for the Passion Test, I will show you the exact step by step system that Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, the Creators of the Passion Test and New Times Best-selling authors have taught me. Are you ready to fast-forward your dreams and desires into a reality?


Workshops available for minimum of 10 people

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"Laurice is inspiring while being entirely approachable and relatable. I applaud her efforts and would DEFINITELY attend another workshop!"


Group Membership

You know that feeling when you’re ready to take the next step in your life? You have that thought "I want MORE", but don't know how to make it happen. This is the place for you to take that first step. The place to push your limits and explore your edges. The place to create more in your life.

Rise Up membership is for women who have all been there: struggling with fear, living from overwhelm, and feeling stuck. Women who want to reach higher. This program supports every beautiful soul who needs community and accountability and desires to advance personal boundaries together.


The Journey is designed to create and maintain a beautiful internal home within YOU that will transform your external world.


There is so much freedom and joy in knowing that you can shift and change your reality by creating change within you. You have that power. You need the path.


Follow me 👣

Like many of us needing an extra push, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and hire a personal coach. What a fantastic decision that was! Engaging Laurice Duffy, founder of A Mindful Journey, was a true personal growth experience for me. Laurice helped me focus on my specific goals and outcomes, and provided me with extremely pragmatic, helpful tools to get there. Laurice teaches that it's an “awareness” of who you are, what is really important to you once you pull back the layers of limiting beliefs holding you back. I look forward to my one-on-ones with Laurice that always end with a smile and a renewed focus and challenge. Thank you Laurice for your kindness, guidance and love!


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