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Testimonials: Testimonials

She will take that journey with you. What I have experienced over the past year has a transformational nature and therefore is hard to describe; but I chose these following words to try. Compassion, Celebration, Truth, and Design. At first, going to my coaching sessions felt like a safe place to fall. Laurice listened without dwelling, she paused for just a moment to allow for the deep breath, and it took almost no time to start longing for the hour meeting to just be in open energy and to feel the warm space. Next, I noticed how she celebrated. I had adapted this mental image of her being in my corner or cheering for me. I found, though, it wasn't just an image in my head; she consistently stopped me and celebrated things that she pointed out were admirable or in line with my values or that took courage. She NEVER skimps on celebrating a win and I found it fun. Game Changer. Moving on, Laurice is a lover of truth, the unique story you tell as your own. She never judges it as one thing or another, it is just yours and has intrinsic value. What she did do, though, is hold me accountable to honor it or wrestle with it. And again, she will take that journey with you no matter how messy it gets. Last but not least, she is always designing and calls you to do the same, in your own time and space. To me, she is an artist. A few more comments that I think are valuable. Laurice met me with her full attention, always; and she learned my details. She has a professionalism that I admire as she was always prepared and on point; often with mindful follow-ups to me, even between sessions. She also does her own work; she interweaves her life experience, both past and current, with a vulnerability and truth that creates inspiration. She models courage and demonstrates authenticity. Lastly, Laurice is a champion of change for antiquated mindsets and the broken systems and beliefs that sometimes create disparity for woman. Exploring these deeper topics and how they may be impeding the journey is yet another arena that Laurice can navigate with wisdom and depth. From the time I was a little girl, I have defined a classy woman as one that has courage, kindness, and grace packaged up in such a way that you know it when you see it. Laurice is the definition of a classy woman. Jillian


A Great Coach… Laurice is a great coach. I've been working with her for 3 months now and have enjoyed it very much. She is very perceptive in helping to determine the root cause of some issues that we have discussed and she comes up with pertinent suggestions for me to work on daily to achieve the goals that I strive for. I am glad that I have taken the opportunity to work with Laurice and I would recommend her to anyone who is considering having her as a coach. Mary Ann


Creates a positive and safe environment I participate in Laurice's "Rise Up" monthly membership group where Laurice creates a positive and safe environment for us to come together and share our struggles and life moments. It's a safe forum where we work on our mindset and learn to embrace all that life throws our way. Laurice's positive attitude and expert facilitation skills fosters relationships amongst the group and allows us to support one another. Each month I leave our session feeling positive and grateful, carrying Laurice's expert bits of wisdom with me all month long. Diane


The results have been so clear… I wasn't sure exactly what was missing from my life. I just knew I needed something to get my old happy, confident self back. I couldn't realize what was making me not quite right and unhappy. I didn't have huge problems and had a lot to be thankful for. I thought I was positive; I thought I was doing enough and couldn't understand what was missing. I tuned into a group through Laurice's company, A Mindful Journey, called RISE on Facebook and began hearing about things I felt were missing and that would benefit me such as validation, connection, support, growth and inner peace. I joined a group first called INVITE, and quickly looked forward to the one-on-one coaching. I was an acquaintance of Laurice growing up in the same town, and always felt she was someone grounded, genuine and kind. She immediately made me feel comfortable, and I felt the trust between us. I was able to open up right away, and she set me in motion for the better me I was intended to be straight away. I now had a confidant, someone to guide me each step of the way, my own cheerleader, my coach. I soon realized that although this was indeed work, it was work that was by no means daunting, but fulfilling because it was all about me! All the work and focus on everyone else in our lives for so many years can wear you down. It was time to focus on me and how I want my life to be. In such a short time, I was given the tools to help me understand me. I have been able to plan and execute what I want to begin to see happen. As a result, the momentum has been incredible with such ripple effects of positivity in all aspects of my life. I am so thankful for my Coach, Laurice Duffy. I look forward to each meeting with her, as the results have been so clear to not only me, but to my close family, friends and co-workers as well. Thank you Laurice —you are a true Angel. Lucy


The most confident version of myself I first started talking to Laurice this past Spring and she has guided me through personal issues in an insightful and empowering way. She has helped me to become the most confident version of myself by reminding me that I have the power to transform my mindset and my life. Laurice is one of the strongest and supportive people I know who will always be there to guide you during life's toughest moments. Caroline


I've never felt happier… Once upon a time...l met this amazing woman. I met her at one of the most difficult times in her life. She was going through ultimate change. True crisis. I can only assume that when life changes completely...that she was feeling fear, anxiety, and perhaps, even a bit broken. But every day she got out of bed, and kept going...for her boys, for herself, and (even though I didn't know yet) US. During that most intense time in her life...we became fast friends. As time passed, I learned that the graceful, kind, and powerfully thoughtful woman...was also a psychology major. I then learned about A Mindful Journey. I don't believe I have ever felt better or happier in my life as I do today. I have often heard the word "breakthrough"...but had never experienced it, until now. Such amazing clarity, not only about who I am...but who I want to become. And how I want to live my life. Thank you Laurice Duffy. For having the courage to keep pushing...we needed you. Silvia

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A compassionate individual… I wasn't exactly sure how to help my 21 year old daughter. She had no real direction in life. I read a post on a workshop for making a Goal board. Jacqueline who has trouble talking to people, until she warms up to you, enjoyed the activity very much. She spoke very highly about the woman (Laurice) running the clinic. I asked her to explain to me what she liked and what she thought. After listening, I thought Laurice might be able to guide her. The best money I have spent, she helped my daughter find her way. She boosted her self confidence and guided her in applying it. I can't express my gratitude enough. Jacqueline now has a good paying job, budgeting her money and a plan for her future. I would not hesitate to give Laurice a great review. She is a compassionate individual who takes the time to listen to the needs of others. She took the time out to make my daughter feel comfortable, guided her and followed up when needed. When I had a question she addressed it in a timely manner. Five stars in my book!! Gail


I could write a few chapters on how amazing it's been to work with you. I'm sure someday I will! In the meantime, here is a short recommendation for you. I had been following Laurice on social media and her posts and advice were so inspirational. I thought a lot about making the commitment to work with her, but I just kept waiting. Looking back now, I can't believe I held off as long as I did. You can't put a price on living your best life. In practicing the belief (no - the fact) that, no matter your circumstances, you will only feel joyful when you open yourself up to joy. You will only be happy when you learn how to be happy. You will only stay happy when you practice what you've learned every day. Laurice has helped me learn how to practice happiness and self-love in an authentic way. She has helped me to understand, process, and come out on the other side of the losses, heartaches, and defeats that life hands us all. Working with Laurice gave me the courage and insight to fully open my heart to experience the joy and happiness that does exist in the small moments of every day. Priceless!


Laurice Duffy came into my life when I needed her the most. I had recently become a widow after years of caregiving and felt like I was treading water in the aftermath. Finding Laurice was like the universe stepping in and saying, “right this way!” Laurice supported me and gave me tools and techniques to navigate whatever the future holds. She helped me become a stronger, more confident, independent, and happy woman. My goal in the beginning was to become more self confident and worthy. I have far surpassed my goals and SO MUCH MORE! I will be forever grateful for her support. - Gail

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