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Raising Hope chronicles the journey of Laurice Duffy, a woman who took charge of her life at a time when her life was filled with uncertainty and heartbreak. Imagine trying to raise four young teenage children while caring for her beloved husband Kevin, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Losing him was devastating. But Laurice's resilience, courage, and positive outlook didn't let this tragedy destroy her life. Instead, she chose determination and growth for herself and her four beautiful boys as a commitment to Kevin's memory.

Laurice's story delivers a powerful message: that hopelessness can be confronted and overcome. That through determination, persistence, and choice, we can 'raise hope' to overcome despair.



Meet the Author

My  inspiration for my career is deeply personal. From a young age, others have turned to me for counsel and advice. I later bolstered my innate listening and empathy skills with a BA in psychology and a certification from the institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching which furthered my passion for empowering others to live and create their unique destiny. Although I've always found helping others meaningful, I couldn’t have anticipated that my own life journey would shake up all of my assumptions and test my resolve. My husband’s battle with ALS and eventual passing was a turning point in my life. His illness shined a light on the limiting beliefs and behaviours I held close for so long,

namely fear and grasping at control. Letting go of these defense mechanisms was what ultimately unlocked my strength to move from darkness and despair into a place of peace and fulfillment. Experiencing this transformation in myself set me on a path to help others overcome adversity, tune into their power and a life of peace. I can relate to the many women who seek my services who are feeling lost, living a life that looks good on paper, but doesn’t bring them joy. I too once lost myself in my role as wife and mother, meeting the needs of others, but letting my own slip by the wayside. I felt a strong pull towards a bigger life purpose, but society teaches women, especially mothers, to not ask for too much or dream too big. Having walked the same path as so many of my clients, I can offer empathy and compassion, as well as the wisdom and skills to guide them towards claiming a life that’s more. I am motivated by leading women towards a-ha moments - those moments where your lens expands and you are able to let in new ideas, perspectives and possibilities.

Those moments where a deeper, more purposeful life becomes possible. Witnessing these transformative moments in women and seeing them get unstuck is what tells me I  have found my purpose in life. I  experience deep meaning from working with women. I know that empowered women go on to inspire others, and dream of a world where girls learn how to harness their power and create their own happiness from a young age. While my personal life is characterized by male energy, my career is where I tap into my

uniquely feminine gifts. It’s where I feel called to guide other women on a journey towards unlocking a peaceful life that is aligned with their true spirit. Where I feel connected to a sisterhood of women holding each other up and breaking down barriers.

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"After returning from a trip to Europe, with an early morning cup of coffee, I read this beautifully written, inspirational story in one sitting. Laurice's story, her resilience, positivity and strength she lived not only for herself, but for her sons, her husband, family and friends is truly inspirational. She demonstrates every day that we all have the power of choice, even in the darkest moments. I particularly loved all the light bulb tips, the quotes and the lessons she so succinctly put together for us to take away. Thank you to a gifted author, life coach and friend." - Sabine, Verified Purchase on Amazon

"Coping with trauma in life is heart-wrenching. Learning to regain a positive sense of self in the aftermath of tragedy can be difficult. Laurice Duffy shares her own journey through her husband's devastating ALS diagnosis and her ability to use instances in her life to shape a positive future for herself and her four young sons after his death. But her book, Raising Hope, is much more than her own story. She offers vignettes that center on achieving things like hope, faith, truth, and blessings even in the face of hardship." - Patty, Verified Purchase on Amazon

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