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The Journey

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired…feeling STUCK…..


Hello Beautiful Soul

If you don’t know me or are new here, I’m Laurice. I am a certified life coach inspiring and empowering women to Rise. I have a BA in Psychology, I’m a podcast host, speaker, CEO/Founder of A Mindful Journey and the mom of four beautiful boys (men) including triplets😳


I’m also someone who has faced difficult challenges, even tragedy. I’ve learned that while we can’t control that life involves pain, we can control how long we endure it and what we do with it by creating and strengthening our internal environment. 

You see, I’ve realized that as women we are SO tired because we’ve been taking cues from society and antiquated rule books that say women are suppose to do it all and put everyone first. 

Everything outside of you is a reflection of everything inside of you. You are the projector. 

You can change your outer life tomorrow by changing you inner self today. Not the other way around.

The Journey is designed to create and maintain a beautiful internal home within YOU that will transform your external world.


There is so much freedom and joy in knowing that you can shift and change your reality by creating change within you. You have that power. You need the path.


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You will absolutely love it.

And you will never be the same.

Let’s start the journey…

The Feedback

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  • A hard copy of The Journey Workbook mailed to you 

  • Two audio clips containing the training

  • Work through all the content and exercises independently and at your own pace

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