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Keep Digging Deep

This lovely tree was a gift and planted in Kevin’s memory. I love sitting on the bench placed beside it and taking in all its beauty and grace. Trees, so patient and present have a way of teaching us so much about life ~ they have wonderful qualities of strength, deep roots and flexibility....wisdom and a timeless beauty. The buds on this tree slowly beginning the process of opening and spreading their petals remind me that all things are possible and new beginnings can be so beautiful. Those new beginnings never remove or replace the old, but are essential in reminding us that embracing both, help make us whole again. Sometimes the branches create shade. Other times they soak in the sunlight. Just like grief, there are times sadness surrounds us like darkness and other times our memories become a beaming light that creates a radiance of beauty and courage within us. Storms make trees take deeper roots....the more adversity the tree encounters, the deeper the roots take and the stronger the tree grows. What a beautiful reminder to keep digging deep♥️

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