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Press Your Inner Like Button

Breathe in love, breath out love Ahhhhhhhh love......... ♥️ Valentine's Day is about cupids and hearts. It's all about love. This year I want to focus on self love ~ the kind of love that feels like a warm, soft blanket wrapped around our cold, fragile souls. The kind of love that fills our tank with tenderness and compassion for without it we would have nothing to pour outward onto this world that sometimes so desperately needs it. Self love isn't something we seek, it's something we practice. Self love is when we treat ourselves with understanding and forgiveness rather than submerging ourselves in self criticism. It's pressing our inner like button It's accepting that some moments in our life are painful and during these moments we need to embrace ourselves with kindness and care It's reframing our inner dialogue so that it's more encouraging and supportive It's responding compassionately to our own imperfections and mistakes It's recognizing that we are enough It's celebrating our small successes It's cultivating some much needed daily kindness, inwardly Ignite your internal lantern today and everyday and shine your light within. Let it shine with love ~ love you so freely offer to yourself. Breathe in love, breathe out love.♥️

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