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The Gift

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

A few days ago while waiting for a client, two very large packages were dropped off on my front porch. I didn’t recall ordering anything but proceeded to open the boxes with a bit of excitement and curiosity. Both boxes were filled with storage baskets, cubes and small cloth hampers. I looked at the receipt as I knew this was not an order placed by me. It was from my sister-in-law. I have three teenage boys starting college in the fall so I thought maybe the packages were sent for them. This gave me a tinge of anxiety because I’m not exactly in the “let’s get prepared for college mindset.” I quickly sent my sister-in-law a text and the mystery was solved. The storage baskets, etc were suppose to ship to her and accidentally got shipped to us. I assured her that I would return them and get her a refund. After my session, I got in my car and headed to Target to return the items that were not intended for me☹️or my soon to be college students.

It was while I was online at Target’s customer service that I watched something far better than anything that could be purchased at the store or in those large boxes left on my porch.

The young employee (maybe 21 years old) behind the counter was helping an elderly women. I was next in line. The elderly woman was a bit confused and had trouble hearing. The young employee patiently explained until the woman was able to understand and hear what she was saying. By this time there was a person behind me and I believe before it was all over there was a person behind her. The young employee was not bothered by the growing line, nor bothered by the elderly woman’s struggle to hear or her continued difficulty in understanding the transaction. There was a genuine sweetness in her voice and a smile on her face. She remained present, patient and kind. When they were finished and the older woman walked away, I shared with the young employee how lovely her behavior was towards the older customer. The woman behind me said, “I was going to say the exact same thing.” What a wonderful example I thought to myself, of one human’s decision to chose patience, love, compassion and kindness over frustration, annoyance and irritation.

So next time a package is dropped off on your front porch and the contents are not meant for you...stay open. Sometimes the greatest gift may be found while returning it.

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