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Three Graduation Caps🎓🎓🎓

Eighteen years of everything times three...three early morning feedings, three potty training's, three kids learning to read, three to watch playing sports, three to teach how to drive, and now, three graduating High School Seniors🎓

As I prepare for a month filled with award ceremonies, prom and graduation, I feel particularly melancholy. I often find myself drifting off and reminiscing about our eighteen year journey. What a ride it has been.

To my three beautiful sons ~

You arrived in this world as a team and have stuck together side by side since the day you were conceived just as teammates would. You have shared a womb, a crib, toys, bedrooms, teams, cars, jobs and your parents’ attention. And you have done it with patience and fairness.

You have shared struggles, loss and heartache that will be tattooed on your heart forever ~ scars that act as battle wounds to remind you of what you have been through and what you are capable of overcoming. And you have done it with strength and grace.

You have shared friendships, celebration and memories. You always knew how to have a good time and make things fun...sometimes too much😳 You remembered the importance of not taking yourself too seriously and having a good sense of humor. And you have done it with joy and delight.

All of these things you have done, you have done together as a team. Being together is all you have known. In a few short months you will leave our home and head down a path of your very own. And I hope you do it with courage and excitement.

Even though you will be taking this journey at the same time, this will be an adventure that will be yours and only yours ~ something you need not share. Your own school, friends, experiences, challenges, good times, and most of all, your independence. And I am certain you will do it with care and good judgment.

A few final reminders before these last few months fly by as quick as the past 18 years have😢

Save money - remember the best things in life are often free

Be brave enough to say I’m sorry, I love you and I forgive you

Be in the moment

Give back - small offerings of service create a ripple effect

Live with gratitude

Be true to yourself

Make sure your handshake is firm

Listen to understand not to defend

Be kind, be kind, be kind

And most of all remember that individually you have each brought something so beautiful into our family. Your own magic that makes me smile. I can’t wait for you to share this gift with the world. I love you.

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