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When you least expect it...

Over the weekend Aidan (my youngest son) and I had the privilege of attending a good friend's Bar Mitzvah. I had a difficult two days prior to the event ~ missing Kevin very much. A fleeting thought ran through my mind the morning of, "maybe this is more than I can handle today". I'm so glad I pushed through. Sometimes when you least expect it the most special things happen. This particular night, they happened twice. First, this amazing boy @mitchf_00dedicated candle #9 to my husband Kevin Duffy and Tom Sienicki as they were his baseball coaches for travel ball. This is what he said about Kevin: Mr. Duffy, whose title of coach was well earned, left us way too early but boy did I learn, "spit in the dirt and get back in the game"," Words he lived by and we did the same, I'll never forget what he taught me, To be the strongest player I can be. He asked that I come up in Kevin's place along with Coach Sienicki to light the truly touched. My heart was full. Just when I thought the night couldn't be more special and towards the end of the evening, a slow song was played and the DJ announced for everyone to grab their partner. It was another first for me ~ one I hadn't prepared for. I no longer have a partner. There was a moment of anxiety that ran through my body like flood water surging through a broken dam. This rush of emotion was suddenly replaced with every ounce of gratitude and love when I looked up and saw my 14 year old son walk away from his friends and across the room to ask his mother for this dance. We were hand in hand, Aidan and I...and Kevin too, I'm certain❤️ Please know that I don't share my stories for any reason other than to show that in grief we need not be blinded by sadness, beautiful moments are always possible ~ keep an open eye. Wonderful things will happen when you least expect it🌈

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